Ah, so you want to see if I’m qualified?

Good. I am a “Jane of All Trades” (And Master of Many).

Keyhole Software is where I call my home full time. I also assist other local small businesses with marketing strategy, branding, and social media initiatives as a consultant. Check out a snapshot of some of my work in my portfolio.

Keyhole Software

I joined Keyhole Software as the seventeenth employee in 2011 – one of just two not focused on development. As of 2017, we now have more than 70 team members. I have worn a variety of hats throughout the transition. I’m happy to say Keyhole still “feels” the same – as collaborative, supportive, and innovative as we were as a small group. I love my job.
Managing the coordination and execution of marketing activities for the company with emphasis on social media marketing, technical blogging, email marketing, and a content-driven website.

These tactics are used to expand Keyhole’s online presence and interaction with IT community, including both current and prospective clients, as well as potential team members. Formalizing web design and development skills, especially for the WordPress and Github Pages platforms.

(Tools: Canva, Facebook, Gimp, Google [AdWords, Analytics, Apps for Business, Google+, Webmaster Tools], HootSuite, LinkedIn, MailChimp, Twitter, Tweetdeck, WordPress, YouTube.)

Ensuring that we have a talented team in Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, and Lincoln to meet the needs of our diverse client base.

With a focus on company culture, I seek those with superb software development abilities, positive personality, and a value-added consulting attitude (i.e. not just a talented person in a seat, but a valued member of our technical team with an eager attitude for learning).

We approach hiring differently than most in the industry, making “recruiting” a challenging, strategic, and people-oriented process.

– Adapting to day-to-day company needs and performing various roles as necessary including human resources, time reporting administration, benefits administration, profile management, employee screening and interviewing, new hire on-boarding, team liaison activities, event planning (public seminars & internal team events), travel planning, copy editing, design, RFP response, and more.

Client Projects Snapshot

Engaged with an excellent financial planning firm. Performed analysis and assessment of current company marketing footprint. Provided suggestions for improvement.

Implemented a selection of the proposed strategies for improvement of the website.
– Provided written content for the website.
– Implemented SEO strategies to improve search engine placement (SEO descriptions, keywords, sitemaps, google analytics).
– Made structural changes to the WordPress installation to improve ease of use and reliability (sitemap tree, backups, etc).
– Provided visual elements & design to enhance look and feel without changing theme.
– Provided comprehensive wiki for company owner to reference for WordPress questions

– Redesign initiative for an eCommerce website specializing in the sale of eLearning courses. Original website was implemented with the PrestaShop platform, and after careful consideration of the best options on the market, implemented a hosted WordPress solution that leveraged the WooCommerce eCommerce shopping cart engine and Paypal integration. Aligned the look and feel with what the proprietor wanted.
– Analysis and critique of courseware to best optimize sales.
– Analysis and redirection of the company’s social media presence.
– Copy editing and marketing of blog posts, white papers, and resources.
– Redesign initiative for a marketing website specializing in business consulting services.
– Implemented a WordPress CMS to allow for easy customization for the client.
– Implemented a responsive WordPress theme with a more modern, professional branding “feel.”
– Provided instruction (on an ongoing basis) to the client to allow him to make changes to the design, content, and professional blog as needed.
– Worked with the owner of Overland Park veterinary practice SouthPaw Animal Clinic on a website redesign initiative. Dr. Chmelicek already had a stellar online and social media presence, and just needed a new look and feel for the website to better reflect the company’s branding strategy.
– Implemented and customized a new look and feel WordPress theme for the website, with an emphasis on readability, search engine optimization, and mobile browsing.
– Assisted the practice in server configuration, setup of branded email addresses, logo customization, and marketing strategy analysis.
– Engaged with a telecom auditing & consulting company to modernize the organization’s web presence with an emphasis on mobile. Website has been an early adopter of a web presence, but hadn’t been modernized in 14+ years and needed TLC.
– Implemented a WordPress instance with responsive design principles.
– Content creation of nearly all of the words and images included on the new website to describe the business services, recommendations, and company details.
– Provided instruction to the clients to allow to make changes to the design, content, and professional blog as needed via an extensive wiki document.
– Assisted The Roof Guy as a marketing consultant during a period of expansion for the company. From a high-level, the consulting engagement included a detailed marketing analysis, branding, strategy, social, and HR-related tasks.
– Redesigned the company website look and feel. Integrated a responsive/mobile-friendly WordPress design, content marketing, SEO principles, and pleasing aesthetics to improve brand awareness.
– Implemented blogging on the website, both as an author and content editor.
– Created print and digital marketing materials.
– Established the company’s social media presence. Coordinated Facebook, Twitter, and Google Adwords advertising within a budget until the accounts were handed over to a company employee.
– Created “The Roof Guy Wiki” to help the company employees and owner have access and continued success with the marketing platforms, website configuration, and initiatives established during the short-term marketing engagement.

Massage Envy

Established and maintained all social media advertising for two clinics located in Lawrence and Wichita, Kansas. Efforts included accounts on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Foursquare. Accounts consistently showed growth in follower and fan bases, and advertising was coordinated within a strict budget. Note: not currently managed by Lauren as of September 2011.

Responsible for the initial membership of client contracts. Kept a consistent sales closing rate of at least 15 percent higher than the national average.

Maintained an up-to-date record of all employee insurance and personnel/HR paperwork, ensuring that the clinic kept to state and federal guidelines.


I earned a Bachelor of Science in Journalism: Strategic Communication from the University of Kansas.
One of my favorite learning experiences throughout my time at KU include my participation in an effort that brought together the heaviest hitters in diversity and social media for a one-day digital summit – “Telling Stories of Diversity in the Digital Age.”

I focused on the segment “Different Voices, Same Technology,” which highlighted how the differently-abled can utilize newer technologies (like iPads, apps, and social media) as educational and social tools, as well as communication tools to bridge the gap to other segments of the population (non-verbal, autistic, etc.).