Butterflies And Stars Baby Sprinkle

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UPDATE: I have added some of the paper goods in this post to my Etsy store if you’d like to use them for yourself. Check it out!

Over the weekend, my amazing mother and I hosted a Baby Sprinkle for my sister-in-law who is expecting a little girl in September. As this is her and my brother’s second child, we went ahead with the Baby Sprinkle instead of a full-on baby shower.

I was happy with how it turned out and found out that people were pretty happy with it too. So this post is going to share some of the details with the hope someone might get some ideas from it.

Theme: Stars and Butterflies

On Pinterest there are so many phenomenal ideas – it’s hard to get a direction. Stephanie’s previous baby shower for my cutie pie now-three-year-old nephew Leo set the bar extremely high. Stephanie is a huge Star Wars aficionado, so that was the theme at that event. It was bar none the cutest baby shower I have ever been to.

I wanted this Baby Sprinkle to be something Stephanie loved this time around as well, so I started a Pinterest board and came up with some ideas to get Steph’s .02. I pinned a lot! She said she of course loved the Star Wars/Jedi Princess elements, and she had a good feeling about butterflies. So how to tie the two together?

I found that I really liked the Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star theme. Started rolling with that using ideas from other showers. And I came up with the following play on the popular poem:

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Do you know how loved you are?
Wishes for you, Little Adore,
To dance with the Butterflies,
And to the Stars you soar.

Note: The first two lines aren’t mine! As far as colors, we went with a pink, purple, and teal/turquoise.


I created the invitations on Canva, which is my favorite free designer tool. We used SendOutCards, so it was a greeting card format with a front page, inside-left, and inside-right side of the card.


We had some really great food, some of which was done by my mom, Stephanie’s sister, and I… with a little help from Costco and local gluten free bakeries. You really just have to accept help when you are hosting something that means to much, or realize that it isn’t worth the effort and just find someone who is good at it :-).

The food buffet was labeled with Star Wars references, as I knew Steph would like that. May the fruit be with you!; Vader Veggies; Star Sandwiches; Peach R2-Tea2; Raspberry Leia Lemonade; Trooper Scoopers, Butterfly Snacks. And of course the gluten free was labeled, as we wouldn’t want any of my family’s Celiac folks getting sick.

It was pretty straightforward on the menu:

  • “Star Sandwiches” – Chicken salad sandwiches on pretzel buns. Simple Costco pretzel rolls + Costco chicken salad + mayo.
  • Gluten Free “Star Sandwiches” – cut into triangles – Mama Resch’s Honey Sorgum Break, carved turkey + condiments. Mama Resch’s in Overland Park, KS is my favorite local allergy-friendly bakery; it really saves me when baking GF.
  • “Vader Veggies’ – Standard veggie tray from Costco
  • “Butterfly Snacks” – pretzels, nuts, Doritos
  • “Deathstar Spinach Dip” – Costco gluten free spinach dip + “Trooper Scooper” GF Chips
  • “May the fruit be with you!” Really, only pictures do this Butterfly Fruit justice. Stephanie’s sister Lindsay is really talented.
  • IMG_3656
  • Cupcakes! White on white cupcakes from my local HyVee, and gluten free strawberry cupcakes again from Mama Resch’s.13925173_10209077410445637_5842656330891228629_n

This cupcake stand is one of my favorite creations. It is literally cut pieces of wood wrapped in wrapping paper, made into tiers by securing mason jars between the three planks (only two were used here). I have used this for many different types of events and simply change the wrapping paper and mason jar filling to match the theme.

Additionally, I created custom cupcake toppers that had a teal chevron + butterfly cutout on lollipop sticks. They turned out cute!


Our venue didn’t provide table cloths, so I researched the option of renting them. I was so surprised at how expensive it was just to rent standard tablecloths. So I ended up buying them… for less than what it would have been to rent them (10 tablecloths for ~$50). Not bad at all!

Standard white tablecloths are pretty boring, even with centerpieces, so I figured I would need a runner of some sort. Kraft paper to the rescue. I currently possess enough Kraft paper to wrap our entire Baby Sprinkle venue… all for $20 on Amazon. Plus you can cut it to size.

I included a double sided Ikea Tolstoy placard (note: cheaper on Amazon) on each table thanking guests for attending the Sprinkle. The backside of the placard gave ideas about what to write about in the Wishes for Baby game. Each table included a vase of arranged flowers (that we did ourselves), Conversation Starters and self-made confetti. Use any unique punches to make your own confetti – I had stars and butterflies, of course.



A Baby Sprinkle is more of a toned-down baby shower. We omitted some of the sillier games geared toward first-time mothers and focused on interacting and spending time with my sister-in-law Stephanie.

Conversation Starters

This is super simple to implement. Write out thought provoking questions that will get people thinking and interacting. Print them out on colorful card stock in your theme’s colors and put them on each table. I just put mine in a mason jar to make it prettier.

It was pretty apparent that the ladies at our 16-person baby sprinkle stuck by who they knew by the way that our lunch went. One table was the Mom’s family/friends, one of my aunt’s (a.k.a. the dad’s side), and one of who all was left!

It sounds so dorky, but these Conversation Starters really are great. Using these, I was able to learn some things about the ladies in my family (that I have known since I was born) that I never would have otherwise. Things like:

  • What personal passion project are you working on right now?
  • If you could write a book, what would it be about?
  • What is your favorite activity to do with children?
  • What is your favorite thing about being a woman?
  • What tradition would you most want to pass on to your children?
Wish Upon a Star

Stephanie told me that instead of some silly games (like who really wants to be told how big their belly is? …C’mon now) she preferred to have something thought-provoking. I ended up going with Wishes For Baby, a.k.a. Wish Upon A Star.

I passed out die-cut large card stock stars (purchased on Etsy) and told the attendees that they should write Baby Girl a note. Their hopes for her, wishes for the type of person she will become, advice on how to succeed, etc. I read a few and I was tearing up.

I made a wishing “tree” that attendees could clothespin their wishes to. It was made with a tree-like fake flower bunch from Joann’s floral foam, a wooden box, hot glue and some decorative stones.  It seemed to be well received.

  • Wishes For Baby
  • Wish Upon A Star
Baby Sprinkle Bingo

Let’s face it, no matter how cute the clothes that the Mom-to-be receives, by the end of the present opening, most guests are going stir crazy. What helped us in that regard was Baby Sprinkle Bingo.

I created a bingo card (again in Canva) that allowed guests to fill out what they thought that Steph would open, in any order that they chose. The first to 5-in-a-row won a prize.

Little Star

In our case there were four winners, who each took home one of the floral centerpieces.

Baby Sprinkle Bingo helped people stay alert and really pay attention to what Stephanie was receiving. For example, if you put down “butterfly pattern” it could be on everything from socks to a onesie to a blanket. You have to pay attention, and that’s the whole point.


After the gifts were over, our time was coming to an end. We thanked everyone for coming and ensured that they took a favor! The sign said “Thankful You Came, We Are! Take a Favor, You Must!”


The favors were a small candle which had been wrapped in butterfly washi tape and enclosed in a small organza bag. It was labeled with this poem:

Thanks For Coming!
This is a gift for you today,
so when she’s born you can light her way.

When it is that happy night,
we ask you take a moment to glow this tea light.
As you see the flicker of flame,
look to the stars in the sky
And Make A Wish In Baby’s Name.


It was so much fun putting together this shower for Stephanie. I felt that it came together really well and provided Stephanie some of the sweetest outfits for the little lady who will soon grace us with her presence. Here are some more pictures, I hope that you enjoy!


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